About Us
Stahlman-England - A Noticeable Difference That Sets Us Apart!

Since 1980, Stahlman-England Inc. has been serving the irrigation and construction industries with innovative and effective land development solutions. Currently, Stahlman-England, Inc. employs over 40 full-time employees, working together with senior management to fulfill the reputation of superior client service. Stahlman-England, Inc. is a state certified underground utility, landscape and irrigation contractor, insured and bondable. Stahlman-England, Inc. specializes in irrigation, landscape lighting, golf courses, and residential/commercial projects. Additionally, holding the Irrigation Association (IA) certifications allows us to engage in construction, landscape, irrigation, water auditing, and design. In fact, landscape lighting and drainage allow cohesiveness within the construction stages of our business. Each branch is here to provide you with a 24/7 service department for either all repairs or maintenance calls.

Overall, Stahlman-England, Inc. truly strives forward each day fulfilling the needs of its clients while also creating an enjoyable environment for its employees. Consequently, this has allowed Stahlman-England, Inc. to build a special reputation for not only quality installation but also expertise within their commercial, residential and golf course installations. Moving forward, Stahlman-England, Inc. is always looking forward to building lasting corporate and client relationships.

Stahlman-England Installations Are Completed According to Job Specifications. Many Sites Can Be Valued Engineered To Reduce Cost For Developer Architects And Homeowners.

Stahlman-England Offers Services From Irrigation Design To Site Drainage And More For All Your Commercial Property Needs!